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Columbia-Brazoria ISD In Needville/Angleton Are They Any Good?


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If I had my choice I would be staying in Katy or maybe going to Fort Bend isd but my family is relocating way south due to job change and I need to know anything about the West Columbia area and their school district Columbia Brazoria ISD.  I see that they aren't the best and rated Academically Acceptable but is it just a one year rating? has it been better and are there lots of gangs or problem areas this town has? I know it is a small rural town and most people do not try to relocate to areas like this but I am completely unfamiliar with this area and have to live nearby for the commute into work (not into Houston) 


also any info on whether  Needville or Angleton are any  better and what the differences are.  Which is a more close nit community and has a better environment for kids (low gangs... or anything else)




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