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Need a website hosting service

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Disclaimer, I used to work for them, but I like the Baby plan on Hostgator. $8 a month to host unlimited domains with cPanel and Fantastico easy install tool. Can get a blog or whatever up in about five seconds. Uptime has been good for me in the several years I've had it.

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For a basic web site, Wordpress.com.  For more control (like adding community features) very cheap Bluehost with WordPress.  It's simply amazing what you can do with WordPress plus some of its plug-ins with almost no technical knowledge.  Bluehost will walk you through everything.  Bonus: WordPress was created by and is run by a native Houstonian.

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The HAIF server is at Pair Networks (pair.com).  Super reputable company.  Not the cheapest, but it does have hobbiest plans as low as $5.  It's also a big enough operation to host the Obama campaign web sites.  Whether you like O or not, it's a pretty good indication of the company's capacity and abilities.


Oops... just checked.  Lowest rate plan is now $6.25/month, but you have to buy a year up front: http://www.pairlite.com/hosting/


For a few extra bucks ($10/month) you get full Pair services, including 24-hour phone support (actually answered by someone in Pittsburgh, not someone in Thirdworldistan.): http://www.pair.com/services/web_hosting/


The HAIF server is QS-4 level: http://www.pair.com/services/dedicated/

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