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What is that fortress-like columns in the back from? I mean, in the construction of 1111 Travis, some old concrete walls remained below the street level, that was from Foley's. But I can't figure out where those columns came from. Are they new? (They didn't come from the McDonald's, for sure)


"Texas Tower", I think, was in the lower left hand corner (is that what the other demo'd building is from?). Are the columns near/below the streets construction from that?

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^^^Great photo, a little more on the top would make it even better.


My iPhone's internal level indicator is a bit sticky, so it took me about five tries to not have the Salvadore Dali effect with the panorama.


They built stairs down to the bottom of the pit. It will be interesting to see how they continue to excavate the garage portion and then connect the two parts.

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Photo credits got to Bobruss.  These are from the 609 Main site.


15441682326_e2f7851b49_b.jpgHines Crane by brijonmang, on Flickr


Close up of the Neils Esperson Building top

15278152178_07b82d2eaf_h.jpgEsperson by brijonmang, on Flickr


Not sure why these are coming in sideways.  Anyone know why this may be?

They look fine on Desktop. Usually when I post photos from my phone on tinypic they end up sideways on desktop.

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Word from the realty report is Hines is asking $50 a sf for this one.

wow! will that be the first building to break 50$/sq ft in Houston? i dont keep track of that sort of thing, only prices of the total building. but $50/sq ft would put this building at over $500 million, making it the most expensive tower in Houston if im not mistaken.

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What if one were to buy the tower? How much can we expect this to go for if the lead tenant decides to buy it out?


Unlikely a tenant would buy it out since they would be sinking a lot of capital into a building, which doesn't really do much for them. It's investors who want this stuff. What it sells for will depend on who leases it and how long they lease it for. One Shell Plaza sold for so much a few years ago because Shell had signed a huge (20 year?) lease. Whoever bought it was essentially buying an income stream, not a building.

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ah.. interesting. so did BG Group Place not sell to BG Group? or Hess tower sell to Hess? i assumed those corporations bought their respective buildings out.


No, they sold to investors. I think a few buildings back in the day were owner/user, including at one time the Transco Tower, which I want to say was actually owned by Hines until around 2000. Being owner/user allows for a more creative and less efficient building (certainly true of Transco) than you would have in a building that's done with investment in mind, where what's desired above all is low risk, high efficiency.

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That's not a foundation.  That looks like garage floor B1 to me (floor B2 was the one below it).  Next step is the ground floor, and then we'll be going vertical!


They've been making good progress excavating the other half of the block (where the remainder of the garage will go), too.

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You can see it from street level:



609 Main at Texas by marclongoria, on Flickr


It's amazing how many cranes you can see from Discovery Green. Someone should take a panoramic view of it. The yellow one on the left is from 609 Main.


Discovery Green by marclongoria, on Flickr



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  • The title was changed to 609 Main at Texas

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