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Texas Instrument Sugar Land Facility At 13905 University Blvd.


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I read a while back that TI was downsizing and moving their Stafford location to Sugar Land.  Don't know if that's still true but if so that's a pretty big chunk of property they have in Stafford. I remember when the place first opened. They were out in the middle of no-where. Commercial property all around them now. 


Edit: This article seems to answer my own question:


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Is Stafford still doing okay in business? Or will the TI move hurt them?

If the TI move is going to hurt them, do you think it was a mistake that the city made their own school district and pulled out of the ISDs? (Fort Bend ISD served what was in Fort Bend County with HISD serving what was in Harris County)

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That TI facility in Stafford had a huge impact on Houston, at least for awhile.  Not so much in and of itself, but by being the place that incubated the guys who eventually founded Compaq Computer, which I believe was at one time the largest corporation based in Houston.  Especially interesting that it wasn't an energy company!


It once had 20,000 employees in Houston, more than today at Chevron and somewhat less than Exxon Mobil (which I think is now at 27,000).  

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  • The title was changed to Texas Instrument Sugar Land Facility At 13905 University Blvd.

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