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Did target ever have an "auto center?" Reason i'm asking the old Target Greatland on Spencer had a few auto type garage doors on the side and so does the Target on Kleckly near Almeda mall. I was in Vegas a few weeks ago and saw my first Target Garden Center, Granted it was closed off a few years ago. Nothing but over stock in the room.

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Target is a chick store. No tools, no hardware, no automotive, no garden shop, and no hunting or sporting goods! But if you want color coordinated bath mats, towels and soap dishes,Target is the place to go.


There used to be one on the other side of the freeway from Greenspoint mall. I remember going there with my parents several times back in the 80s. Target was a lot like K-mart back then from what I can remember. They had a pretty large electronics section and were big on video games. We bought a TV and a VCR from that store. I don't remember too much more about it except there was a lot of red (much like today). It seems like they became more of a white woman's store in the 2000s.  They were smart to set themselves apart from Walmart and Kmart rather than trying to directly compete with them.

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