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Downtown Houston vs. Manhattan, Map Edition

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I went to NYC for my honeymoon late last year. We stayed in the Hell's Kitchen area and of course we walked everywhere. We could see the Times Square video boards from our room, so it didn't look that far away, which in actuality...it wasn't.


But it got me wondering how big Manhattan is compared to downtown Houston. None of this will probably blow anyone away, but helps put it into perspective a little more.


  • Downtown Houston is essentially 1x1 miles, and I was generous (used google maps) See downtown Houston over Manhattan below.
  • The Galleria area over Manhattan (light blue)
  • Manhattan over Houston (I only measured Manhattan from the southern tip to the northern border of Central Park)

Map Link https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=217756570002048854009.0004d5ca61de4d3b6a44e&msa=0&ll=29.725328,-95.429649&spn=0.250144,0.283241


You can click on the images for a larger view




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On my way home today, coming down 45 into downtown, I couldn't help but notice that it is basically the same view of Manhattan that many see when taking the statue of liberty boat tour.


Downtown Houston is basically the same size of lower manhattan. Wow





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My last overnight trip up there I stayed at Yotel just off Hell's Kitchen (midtown Manhattan). I see a lot of similarities but even living in downtown Houston it still feels worlds apart. One thing that gets me is when I take the mid day flight back to HOU from JFK and when you get off the plane and are driving back towards downtown Houston you really notice the trees lol.

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