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Define Houston in Six Words and/or a Photo

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KUHF/NPR: Define Houston in Six Words and/or a Photo

Houston. It's a city that's hard to contain or sum up in a pithy way. But here at KUHF News, we're sure that you can capture the essence of Houston in six words or in a photo.


We've been talking internally about launching a new Houston-centered radio show. Some of your six words on Houston, we'll use in the late Spring in the inaugural episodes of the show. And the photos? We won't air those, but we'll post many of them to the web.


Click on the links below, and if you're inspired, challenge your friends to come up with photos and six-word phrases too. In six words, you can describe Houston, as one KUHF News staffer did, as a 'sprawling city spills into the ocean." Or in a photo, you can capture a thousand words in an image that makes you (perhaps) smile and call this city home.


Six wordshttp://www.publicinsightnetwork.org/form/houston-public-media/c8f538b580a3/houston-in-six-words




My submission was "Global Village, American Dream, Texas Spirit" from my blog post:



Looking forward to seeing some of the other submissions here.

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