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The picture shows broken up slab coming from underneath my neighbor's fence. It looks to be part of a foundation/driveway of the neighbor. All the concrete raises the back fence from ground level on the left side of the picture. There is a pretty good grade to the left that goes to a manhole for the city. I'm in dire need of some solutions to a) grade the back yard B) figure out what to do with the concrete c) how to install the privacy fence with the varying grade and still allow stormwater runoff to make it to the stormwater drainage.

If solutions are too complicated to work out on the forum, at lease some direction as to who I can contact for assistance.


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The first question I have is whose property does the slab and fence sit on? If the fence sits on the neighbor's property, you can simply build a new one on your property. You might ask the neighbor if he wants to split the cost with you, or if he wants to take his fence down since yours will be new. If the slab and fence are on your property, you can replace the fence without his permission. You may also be able to jackhammer the part of the slab that sits on your property.


I would likely build a short wall along the property line and put a fence above it. This would cover the slab and give you a level area on which to place the fence. It is hard to say what I would do about drainage, because your photo is not close enough to see where the manhole and drainage areas are.


Good luck.

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Guest Burton22

Yeah the right method is as Redscare explained you have to ask him if its on his property. Anyhow that concrete slab and the fence is looks need to be replace and don't try to repair them because their life is finished.

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