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JPMorgan Chase Tower


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This 60 story building rises 1,049 feet from ground level. The tower has 1.98 million square feet of gross building space.

JPMorgan Chase Tower is the tallest composite building in the world. The office tower is clad in pale gray polished granite, stainless steel, and gray glass. The western corner of the tower has been sheared off to form a five-sided structure. The western facet of the tower is formed by an 85 foot wide free span of glass that ascends the full height of the building. The tower is positioned on a one-acre plaza to create a large public space. The area is ornamented with patterned granite paving, extensive landscaping, including a water garden and Bradford Pear trees, and a major sculpture. This area serves as an important open space for downtown Houston. JPMorgan Chase Tower rests on a full city block in the northwest quadrant of the downtown area, bounded by Capitol, Texas, Travis and Milam Streets.


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Chase Tower, built as Texas Commerce Tower in 1982 is 75 stories and was designed by I.M. Pei. It is the tallest 5-sided building in the world (or was, when it was built). For a short period, it was the tallest building west of the Mississippi.

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