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i guess...

still something strikes me as kinda cheesy. i mean, do you remember reverend ike? he was not one to shy away from mink coats and expensive jewelry ... just something kinda weird about it, but if that what's the congregation wants (and can afford), who am i to stand in the way?

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And this is how the common man who is supposed to follow the megachurch's "MTV CRIBS" style pastor sees it: WRONG.

All the bible teaches is for the shepherds of God to be humble servants. There's nothing humble about those lifestyles. I can allow the logic behind Lakewood being built in the Compaq Center - that's okay. The church is communal property for all to come in and worship God. What's not cool is if Joel is taking limo's to and fro, living in a million dollar house, or any of the other excessive luxuries that are not symbolic of a "shepherd" for God. The only justification he has is that he's made his own money from his books so that he can live that way. If it weren't for that, he would be wrong 100%.

I'm not going to even try to figure the logic in the preacher from Atlanta who needs a Rolls Royce to get to church. I doubt he's written books or anything else to supplement his income so I'm sure we'll be seeing him in hell.

Also - why would someone who wants to lead and share his Christianity by example want to live like a Playboy Model, Actor, Sleezy Businessman, or even a Sports Star? They're all going to hell in a handbasket - why would someone so reverent want to do the same?

God = Humility.

As a Christian (although I don't attend church) I'm appalled at what these pastors are making/spending. As you said casual, God= humility and those people that are struggling every week to make ends meat are giving thses guys money.

Jesus didn't even have a place to lay his head! Also when the poor man at the gate beautiful asked Peter for money Peter told him "money I have not but what I do have I give to you" (healing).

What I don't understand is why the people of these churches put up with this crap. Being a pastor is a sacrificial life, not one of excess and extravagance. I mean what kind of example is this to the paritioners?

Bottom line is, that anyone that thinks this kind of money is ok for a pastor, is decieved and has no clue what the Bible teaches.

Would somebody please wake these people up!

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I don't think you're going to hell because you're rich. That would kinda suck, dude.

"Dude, I won the lottery! I'm going to hell!"

If that were true, no one would ever work again!

But my question is this: Who ever said that a pastor had to live humble? Is that something pastors actually preached in church, or is that just something that you (and me) both only assumed?

Winning the lottery is not even close to the same thing. These men (and women) are taking this money from the people of the church, money that could be far better spent.

I don't think anyone is saying that money is evil, even the Bible says "the LOVE of money is evil" not money in and of itself. The problem is that these guys are paying themselves.

I worked as videographer for Bread Of Life Church, and for months I couldn't get paid. I then found out that there were people on the staff having similar problems. Well I tried to hold on and be understanding of a struggling church, that is until I was told that this pastor was paying HIS monthly housing allowance (3700.00), plus taking vacations, plus buying a Hummer H2 and a new BMW.

How did this affect me? I stopped going to church! I'll be damned if I'm going to give those rats a freakin dime as long as they treat my hard earned money that way. It's kind of like UNICEF or the like, when you find out that about 80% of the money given is going to executives, you stop giving. What's the point?

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Anismosty is often confused with comedy and reality. And I guess you missed my earlier post where I said I don't care.

I have seen Faust in person as a member of a gospel choir. All these generic Southern Baptist churces should be watched with a close eye.

We can all do more with le$$. Except for Pastor Morgan at Sagemont Church and Rev. Young.


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It occured to me as I was channel surfing this morning, all the televised mega and not so mega church were practicly segregated. Isn't it ironic that the church seems to be the last standing bastion of segregation? Sure there were a few people of color in some of them [i take exception to Lakewood-their audience looked fairly diverse] but for the most part it was either overwhelmingly white or black. It's kinda sad when you give it a thought.

As far as Ed, Jimmy "the masterbator" Swaggert, the Jim and Tammys of the world and Pastor Creflo A. Dollar go, I couldn't give a cent.

and that's MY 2 cents.

[Pastor Creflo A. Dollar??? Puff Pastor Dog Dollar-could be his rap street name]

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"Last night Lakewood said if Jesus were here today, he'd be flying the world in a jet preaching the good word instead of riding a donkey. I actually see him touring in a RV or taking the bus."

I think he'd be sleeping in the back of his Subaru Outback.

If Jesus were here today, he's want a hot shower and a BIG meal.

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"Last night Lakewood said if Jesus were here today, he'd be flying the world in a jet preaching the good word instead of riding a donkey. I actually see him touring in a RV or taking the bus."

I think he'd be sleeping in the back of his Subaru Outback.

Reminds me of Ray Stevens' clever "Would Jesus Wear a Rolex?"

Religion is for people who are afraid they are going to hell. Spirituality is for those who have already been there.

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How about the brand new Cathedral to the Almighty Dollar on Allan Parkway? Commonly known as the Federal Reserve Bak of Dallas. Big steel gates and fence around it to keep out the riff raff. What the hell is the place all about anyhow. It sure looks inviting until you see the gates.

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