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Office Tower In Downtown At 1111 Travis St.


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I didn't really pay any attention to the cranes as I was leaving work this evening, but I did notice that pretty much all of the top track is in place; it looks like all of the big HVAC pieces are there, too - so yeah, the're probably going to be disassembled soon.

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Does look like they're going to take the crane down.  One has lowered itself, the large cranes have been staged.

The other crane looks like it's still being used though - for dry wall.  Probably just using it while its there






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I took a look at the Helicopter chart for Houston; there were 3 helipads marked in downtown (the ones with an x on the right hand side).  Only the St. Joseph helipad, the Police helipad, and the Aquarium helipad even still have helicopter markings.  There are two that the pad is gone, and another that the pad was used for satellite dishes.



ICAO      Heliport                                                             Location                                                Private/Public      Remarks

XA67      St Joseph Medical Center Heliport                    St Joseph Garage, Pierce @ Austin      Private Use                                                       x

43TE      Police Headquarters Heliport                             Rooftop of Municipal Courthouse          Private Use      2 Helipads                                 x

4TS0      First City Financial Center Heliport                      Rooftop of 1301 Fannin                        Private Use      Satellite Dish added in 2005      x

TS82      Gulf Tower Heliport                                            Rooftop Fulbright Building                    Private Use      Doesn't appear to be there  

XA19      DRV Downtown Houston Aquarium Heliport      On top of the Aquarium                        Private Use      Markings still there  

3TE2      Texas Commerce Bank Building Heliport           Gulf Building (712 Main) Rooftop        Private Use      Helipad looks removed, but still active in the FAA database  

TA62      Emergency-1 Houston Center Heliport               Lyondell Basell Rooftop                       Private Use      Chart symbol means hospital; Markings gone since 1/2006  


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