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Office Tower At 1111 Travis St.


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Maybe it wasn't Hilcorp's decision. It is part of the plans of Downtown Management District. Anyway, just like Main Street Square, closing the road off to cars can create a better pedestrian environment. Main Street Square has trees for shade and etc.

Maybe, but I was the meeting and the downtown district rep said "they" are considering closing the street, so who knows, but you're probably right.

Seems like something hilcorp and the district would decide together.

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Why not? The current Main Street Square at the Reliant tower doesn't have street level retail.


Corner Bakery and Compass Bank are there in the lobby, or are you referring to something else?


That section of street doesn't serve much purpose besides serving as a place to do u turns from Lamar over to Dallas...


Can you make left turns on to Main there off of Lamar? If you couldn't do that, it would be completely worthless anyway. In that case, any other alternative of value would be a positive thing.

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Click the image for higher resolution.




Edit: I tried to capture it as best I could but for over a month now (maybe two) there has been major work on top of the Bank of America Center. You can barely see the scaffolding in this photo.

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Unfortunately this was the only shot I could get today. There were too many construction crewmembers today. Maybe someone can get a better one this upcoming week.



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It looks wood is propping up the sides of the old foundation. However, didn't the old Foley's go several levels below ground than that? I seem to recall reading somewhere that it had a fairly extensive underground labyrinth of tunnels, with things like a car center and "Foley's Academy" in the basement, as well as a restaurant.

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^^ IIRC, the car center was across the street in the parking garage, and Foley's Academy was on the same level as the hookup to the rest of the tunnel system.  Over the years the dining option(s) moved all over the place.

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This is my fav rendering


Looking east down Dallas at Travis St.


According to the roof plan, that notch on the right hand side of the rendering will be a nice spot to see the Main St. canyon and the expanded park below.

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Thank you Infinite Jim. I like that very much. I was a bit disappointed with the seemingly 30 something storey glass ceiling not being shattered (considering that downtown boom is becoming a catch phrase, and the last time that phrase was used HTown was getting 50 something storey towers) BUT, I have embraced the infill, and I really like this one. I am content to view 20, 30 and 40 storey towers rising for the next decade IF we get at least one 60+ by 2020 or so.

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I would be happy with just 20 storey buildings filling up the gaps. The fact that we are getting 30 and 40 storey buildings is just gravy. I wouldn't care if we didn't get another 60+ for years if we keep on getting so many infill projects.

I like supertalls but priority for me is:

1. Infill

2. Increased residential population

3. Increased entertainment options

4. Increased transit options

5. Increased dining options

6. Grocery options to suit the growth

7. Other retailers

8. Improved public spaces

9. A supertall or two

10. Better lighting.

I think that would bee my list in order

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  • The title was changed to Office Tower At 1111 Travis St.

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