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I went to the Hard Rock Cafe last night downtown. I hadn't been in 7-8 years. While the food is about what I would expect, I thought the building was really lame, especially compared to other cities. Then I began to think about the old Kirby location. I couldn't find a single picture of the old building. All I found was the Chronicle article below and an aerial showing the building from above in 2004. Anyone have any exterior or interior shots of the place? The $2 million dollar building had to be better than what we have now and better than the standard Wells Fargo that took it's place.


Houston was the 5th American city to get a Hard Rock and the chain's 9th location. It is amazing how early we got one considering we are not know for tourism.

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I went to the old Kirby location 3 times. Nothing special at all. The one thing I will never forget about the old Hard Rock was the grand opening. I was there that night. Well, not exactly there. My wife's godmother lived directly behind the Hard Rock, and we were there that night. We got to hear the entire Kenny Loggins concert and see all of the limos and the beautiful people. Other than that, one of the times I was there I got to eat directly under Paul Stanley of KISS' guitar!

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I remember grand opening night & it being a big deal in general for awhile. I also remember cruising by there one night after closing with a friend that decided he wanted the parking sign with their logo on it. He stopped the car right on Kirby, got out, yanked the sign out of the ground concrete & all & threw it the back seat through an open window. Drove off like it was no big deal. From there we cruised lower Westheimer with this thing sticking out the side of the car like an advertisement banner. Pretty sure we'd get shot today for half the things we did back in the 80's.

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