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Wow, the Houston/Galveston area shipyards were large contributors to the primary causality of the Allied victory in WW2 - U.S. industrial production. Brown Shipyard was at the end of Industrial road where my grandfather had built/run the Parker Brother's Shipyard on Green's Bayou until my father took over for him in the 1970s. Has always appealed to me to resurrect the San Jacinto Shipyard that was between the present Battleship Texas and Lynchburg Ferry. Make graving docks to store vessels like the Texas, this vessel, a subchaser, etc in drydocks to preserve them and tell the story of the real logistical might. That would be both the best for their prservation and telling the story of what it takes to build and especially maintain these vessels. They would also be in full view showing complete hulls, propellors, and how they really work. Buildings resembling the actual machine shops and working sheds could in addition house displays and active presentations for complete education. This would also be a lot more cost effective than an artistically overbuilt concrete planter concempt they are presently in love with. Plus, graving docks are reversable and it's what the Brisitsh have over a hundred years sucessful experience with in preserving HMS. Victory, Cutty Sark, and other historical vessels.

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