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Highway 6/FM 1960 Corridor: Will There Ever Be Relief?


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I am truly fustrated at the nonstop traffic on Highway 6. I live in Sugar Land and used to live in Northwest Houston and worked on the westside so I'm very familiar with the headache that is Hwy 6 and FM 1960. Will there ever be a solution to that corridor. Maybe they could widen Eldridge on the westside. The new medians from Memorial @ Hwy 6 to Fort Bend County have done little to ease traffic. I was thinking of a connecting Baker-Cypress to FM 1464 (Clodine Rd.). They have just finish completion of widening 1464 road in Fort Bend County. There would definitely be an issue with the environmental impact of going through George Bush park. The ground might not even support a road going through there, but there is a small dirt road/ bike trail that connects the two. Not to mention the flooding in that area.

I don't know what the solution to the traffic problem but something has to be done or we are all going to have road rage and go crazy !

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Nope. With one Tollway closer to downtown and (soon) another one just a little out, there's no incentive to expand capacity on any major road between the two. I actually think it would be neat for them to convert SH 6 and FM 1960 into a 3/4 freeway loop around Houston in addition to SHT and GP, but unless those routes become "free" in the future, it isn't going to happen unless the development in the area gets so dense/intense (we're talking what's typical in say, Southern California) that additional lane-mileage won't take away traffic from the tollways.

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