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Improving Parks in Bayou City

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got this email from Ellen Cohens office but was wondering . . . . . which parks will be improved?

Dear Friend,

If you believe, as I do, that Houstonians should have better access to parks and green spaces, along with all that entails--improved health through exercise, safe places for children to play, improved water quality--then you'll be pleased to hear that Parks By You is hard at work!

Parks By You is a coalition of citizens organizing to increase access to and improve neighborhood parks and bayous in Houston.

By improving these parks and by completing the system that will connect parks and green spaces along our bayous, we can:

  • build safer communities,
  • improve flood control, and
  • protect our natural resources.

By enhancing our quality of life, this initiative will ensure that Houston is in an even stronger position to compete for the companies and workers of tomorrow.

This is a cause I support because of what it means for all Houstonians - today and tomorrow. Please visit Parks By You to learn more, to get involved, and to help realize this vision.


Ellen Cohen

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Here is a really cool interactive map that shows current trails and planned trails, plus shows which ones are funded and unfunded



this map also show all the existing and proposed trails.



More info here: http://www.houstonparksboard.org/root/index.php

and here: http://parksbyyou.org/



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got this email today.


Help Us Receive Funding

Dear Friend,

The Houston Parks Board has been working hard to match the city dollars--dollar for dollar--to complete the entire Bayou Greenways 2020 project and unite Houston's bayous with parks and trails. We've been recommended to receive funding for two segments along Halls and Hunting Bayou but we need a show of support.

Can you help by emailing a comment in support of Bayou Greenways 2020?

The two projects will close existing gaps and add about 4 miles of trail along Hunting and Halls Bayous. These two projects have received the highest recommendation for funding from the Houston Galveston Area Council but the proposals are up for public comment and those public comments make a difference!

Please cut and paste the comment below by April 5 to support the Houston Parks Board's proposal to close gaps on Hunting and Halls Bayous. Send your comment to: publiccomments@h-gac.com

To see the proposals, click www.bayougreenways.org


Email the Comment below by April 5 to: publiccomments@h-gac.com

Subject line: Support for Projects along Hunting and Halls Bayous

Dear Transportation Policy Council,

I support the Bayou Greenways 2020 project and support Houston Parks Board's proposal to close existing gaps on Hunting and Halls Bayous. These bayous are part of the Houston Parks Board's signature project, Bayou Greenways 2020. Bayou Greenways 2020 will unite the major bayous that flow through city limits with parks and trails and will close all the remaining gaps in the system by 2020.

In particular, these two projects unite existing trail infrastructure and connect parks, schools, and METRO stops in two different watersheds--Hunting Bayou and Halls Bayou. I fully support the Houston Parks Board's application for these funds and urge you to accept the recommendation to fund these trails.

[insert your name]

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