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Heights General Store


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what happened to Torchy's? 19th street could really use an old style general store with all the old school candies and etc. That would be pretty cool.

Torchy's is inked. This is a 2nd tenant on the left side of the building. Deal not yet completed so leasing agent isn't giving details. I have a message in to the property owner to try and get more info.

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Downhouse does it far more often than most dry restaurants. The whole restaurant row north of Dallas was dry and they never asked for my membership info there. I find it's hit or miss at any places with Club liscences. This doesn't make it right to not ask, but I guess a busy server/bartender might let a few slide in hopes none are TABC. Downhouse has recently started giving out a laminated card so that once you swipe your DL once and become a member, all you have to do is show the card to the server on any future visits.

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I have not been to the restaurant, but friends went and thought it was very good.  Similar to Shade in that it has upscale food with a casual atmosphere (but not as laid back as Down House).  The cuisine is Gulf Coast/Southern comfort food.  I wondered whether there is too much overlap with Zelko, Liberty Kitchen and Down House.  But my friend responded: "Have you ever tried to eat at Liberty Kitchen on Friday night?"  Point taken.  If the food is good, there are more than enough people looking to eat out in the Heights to support the restaurant.


I did go to the market just to snoop and get some coffee.  Basically, if you squished Whole Foods down into about 3-4k sq ft and pumped up the prices, you have the market.  The coffee was about on par with what you get at Starbucks/Whole Foods.  Not in the same ball park as Catalina, Boomtown or Revival.  There were a number of interesting items that you cannot get from Whole Foods.  There was a nice selection of cheese, some bread and pastries from a local bakery that looked good and some unique brands here and there in the general groceries.


It will be interesting to see how the market concept evolves.  My first impression was that it was a significantly better version of the ill-fated McCain's Market, but still had similar issues of high prices on items that you could get for much less nearby at Kroger or Whole Foods.  I definitely like the idea of having somewhere to get a few things for dinner instead of having to go down to Whole Foods or Kroger when the stock from the weekly trip to the grocery store runs out.   The café in the market looks pretty good.  So, they may not have to hit the ball out of the park with the grocery section in order to make money.  But unlike McCains, this place will get good foot traffic on weekends.  I think that might translate into the ability to sell more specialty items and food-gift items.  Like Revival, I suspect that they will do a lot of tweaking to find out what works.  It will be interesting to watch as the concept could catch on as the inner loop gets more crowded, creating the need for smaller neighborhood grocers. 



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Went for dinner Friday night, and there was a pretty big crowd. 


It was their second dinner service, so some inevitable front-of-house problems can be forgiven and will almost certainly be corrected in time.  The food definitely showed promise.  


We live close enough to walk, and saw a number of our neighbors that did the same.

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