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13642 W. Montgomery Rd.


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Hey: I was just looking for stuff on AppleTree, and I found one location that was scheduled to close in 1994 because the store had been sold to Kroger, and Kroger already one of the block.

The problem is that the address doesn't seem to exist. 13642 W. Montgomery Road is the name, and Googling it only pulls up another Chron article on some sort of tampered Sudafed, also at that address.

But when I plug it into Google Maps, it's a blank, barren area near where Tomball Parkway's terminus is. Going to the "past" in Google Earth just is fields.

So what happened? Where is 13642 W. Montgomery Road?

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I remember when it was a Safeway in the 80s. Here is the details on it.


There was also one at West Rd and Airline Dr that started off as a Safeway and later became a Apple Tree. Today it's a Fiesta.


There was a Safeway at W Gulf Bank and the North Freeway that became a Drugs for Less and later Archer Mazda. The building was demolished a few years ago. This was where Gary Graham murdered Bobby Grant Lambert in 1981. There was a big controversy about him being executed in 2000.

More info than you asked for, but I feel like discussing Safeway/Apple Tree stores ;)

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  • The title was changed to 13642 W. Montgomery Rd.

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