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College Football Challenge 2012


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OK, it's that time. College football is here, and it is time for all Haifers who fancy themselves football fans...and those who don't...to test their skills. The group has been created on ESPN, and is accessible here...


The group name is: HAIF 2012

The password is: Haif

This is a locked group, so only Haifers will be in it. However, friends are welcome. They only need the group name and password. It is just like last year, where confidence points are awarded depending on how sure you are of your picks. As usual, we appreciate some form of your HAIF name, so we know who we are dealing with. And, smack talk, insults, banter, and other comments frowned upon in other topics are welcome here. After all, it isn't sports if you aren't smacking down your opponent.

Good luck on 2nd place!

The first round of games begins Saturday, September 1, so try to sign up and pick by Friday.

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