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Lego and ALSC (the Association for Library Service to Children) are giving away $5000 to be used to purchase books and materials to the library who gets the most votes! All you have to do is go to www.readbuildplay.com and in the drop down menus to the right of the screen, choose your state (Texas), city (Houston) and library (Heights). You don't have to put in your email address or anything! It'll take you about 30 seconds to do, and would really help your favorite library branch. Please get your family and friends to vote, and feel free to share this with anyone you know.

Nominate Your Library and support those unsung heroes of story time!

The winning library receives $5,000. The top 200 get innovative early literacy toolkits. Nominations accepted through October 1, 2012.

Today's Top Voted Libraries

Mount Airy Public LibraryMount Airy, North Carolina 24365 nominations

Heights Houston, Texas (23476 nominations)

Rochester Hills Public Library Rochester, Michigan (18900 nominations)

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It pains me to vote against Mount Airy, NC, the birthplace of Andy Griffith, and a mere 37 miles from Winston-Salem, my hometown. Alas, I live in the Heights now, and I must vote my new hometown some books. Forgive me, Sheriff Taylor.

BTW, the gap is now less than 400 votes. Mt. Airy is doomed.

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Our recent surge probably scared them. Mt Airy is tiny, so their only chance is to vote early and often, unless they start buying time on TVland during the reruns. For Heights to be victorious, we must use our hipster connections to spread the word, but not too soon. Moving too soon has two main drawbacks: time for My Airy to respond and the high prevalence of ADHD among Heights hipsters. October 1 just as well be in 2112 for most, so spreading the word now could backfire. Looking around at my work, I figure an email timed in last week of September may get us 3 votes from each, but the problem is October 1 falls on a Monday and we could get no votes from such a strategy. Does anybody know anything about setting off one of those flash mobs?

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So, you guys might like to know there is now some drama to add to the competition.

The "Press" in Mt Airy has been pushing this contest for over a month. Well, our resident Chron.com blogger, Martin Hajovsky, posted a plea last week as well. Apparently, Mt Airy has been following the race more closely than anyone anticipated because their local news station posted this on their Facebook page:

"[Hajovksy] goes on to say that $5,000 doesn't seem like much, and I guess if you're in one of the biggest cities in American then maybe it's not much money. But to us, here in small town America, that $5,000 is quite a lot, and much needed. I leave it up to you, are you going to let him bad mouth us and take the prize we've worked so hard to get? Vote now, and help to continue to spread the word."

However, a local mom with some time on her hands did a quick search and found that THIS is the My Airy Library:


So, looks like IT IS ON! We're less than 100 votes away this morning.

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We are now getting crushed by ~2,000 votes. Mt Airy must have posted something on their 'Hoods newspaper, or school flyers, or banners behind airplanes.

C'mon somebody. We have 115,000 views for the Wal-Mart topic, plus another (???) for the Historic Districts for chrissake!!!

Mom's groups??? Where are ya?!?!?

Rally caps ON!!!

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Heights Kids has been posting daily reminders, but obviously some people aren't voting and I can't figure out why... Houston's famous apathy strikes again.

In any case, I had a friend tell me I could use Chrome and hit command+shift+N and it opens a cookieless window. Last night while I was watching TV I was able to vote a bunch of times with very little effort.

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....and I can't figure out why... Houston's famous apathy strikes again.

It's the ADHD not apathy. Moving too soon gives Mt Airy time to respond and time for our ADHD Hipsters to move on to the next great thing. October 1 is what counts, start the push in the last week.

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The Mount Airy library has pulled ahead by more than 25k votes. They appear to have mastered the multiple vote tip thats been shared. Is it time for us to toss in the white flag?

There are a lot of theories going around about it. Who knows. They were doing this from the get-go. You could refresh your window and they'd have 10+ new votes. For better or worse, there are no posted "rules" for this contest.

A group of local families has decided to try and fundraise outside of the contest for Heights library but city bureaucracy is not making it easy. I'll update the forum if anything moves forward.

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