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Judd M. Lewis Elementary School Or Is It Judd Lewis Elementary School

Juliet Shohreh

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I was born on June 13, 1972 in Houston Texas and I was born and raised in Houston Texas. I went to Judd M. Lewis Elementary School or is it Judd Lewis Elementary School during my childhood. I am wondering if any of my school mates are around? I am curious in learning what has happened to them. What happened to Brandon Carpenter, Eric (do not know his last name?)(I know that he had a sister named Nova)(he was beaten up so badly that he got his leg broken, I believe?), and Clayton (I believe his last name was Cox?)? I used to have a friend name Dawn (forgot her last name?) too? What has happened to all the people that attended school with me during my years at Judd M. Lewis Elementary or is it Judd Lewis Elementary? My friend Clayton traveled to Florida with my grandmother (my grandmother adopted me) and my two aunts and we went to Disney World when we were going to Judd Lewis Elementary School or is it Judd M. Lewis Elementary School. My friend Eric wanted my grandmother to adopt him always and he also gave me a kiss on my cheek on my Birthday (we were at Pipe Organ Pizza).

~Juliet Shohreh Nour~


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