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Mapojeong Restaurant At 602 Studewood St.


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1 hour ago, IntheKnowHouston said:


On 4/1/2021 at 2:29 PM, hindesky said:

Goodbye Ritual, Hello Korean Barbecue


DELICIOUS CONCEPTS ON TUESDAY ANNOUNCED that Ritual will end its run at 602 Studewood after Sunday service. But the space won’t be dormant for long—the company will unveil a new concept, Mapojeong Galbijib, in its place around the end of May.

Mapojeong Galbijib is a Korean barbecue concept with table-side grilling service. It aims to feature only Prime proteins with an in-house dry aging program, along with house-made kimchi and banchan.

“We wanted to create a guest experience that blends the best of my travels to Seoul and my time growing up in L.A.’s Koreatown with a modern attitude and approach,” said Bridge in a press release.

Since 2016, Ritual has deftly produced Southern comfort fare inside very trendy environs.


Photos of Mapojeong at 602 Studewood St. The Korean barbecue restaurant from Delicious Concepts opened in 2022.

The photos are from various Instagram accounts and Google Maps.










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According to posters located in an adjoining space next to Mapojeong, a new dessert concept is coming soon. 

The dessert concept is possibly named Bbo Bbo Taiyaki. Going off the posters, it appears the shop will specialize in taiyaki filled with soft serve.

The Bbo Bbo Taiyaki posters at 602 Studewood have been up for months. Does anyone have any insight regarding this?

Below is a photo of the Bbo Bbo Taiyaki posters at 602 Studewood. The photo was shared in an Instagram story earlier this week by BuiltNearby.


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Posted (edited)

This was initially posted in an unrelated topic. I'm reposting it here since this pertains to 602 Studewood.

Someone on Reddit posted a photo of a lockout notice at Mapojeong. The post circulated on social media, making its way to a popular Facebook group.

Located at 602 Studewood, the Korean barbecue restaurant is from Delicious Concepts.



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From houston heights foodies fb



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  • The title was changed to Mapojeong Restaurant At 602 Studewood St.

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