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Citrus Trees - Where Should I Buy Them in Houston?


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Dropped by Buchanan, they had 1 grapefruit, and it wasn't in a shape that I wanted to buy, so I went down to maas. I should have just driven down there in the first place.

Lots of plants to choose from, it's just a trek to get down there, so I got a lemon tree as well. I'll probably put the lemon tree in a really big pot, and the grapefruit will go in the ground.

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Don't skimp on the pot for your lemon tree. I have a Lisbon lemon tree in a large pot -- it does well, but i can tell it would prefer to be in the ground. It took a couple years before it produced anything, and it's still not much. But i guess your mileage might vary.

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I believe Urban Harvest has a lot of fruit trees for sale at a particular farmers market on saturday (i can't remember which one). If you don't mind moving the pot in the garage, or covering the tree incase of a hard freeze, I highly suggest picking up a carambola, they do really well here and fruit heavily. I got around 12 off mine last year and it isn't very big. All my fruit trees I've bought from Urban Harvest are doing really well. (carambola, fig, avacado). I bought all mine at their annual fruit tree sale in January (2011). I'll probably pick up some more this January.

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