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My name is Anya


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And I need a new mommy or daddy.

I'm approximately 6 yrs old, I'm a sweetie, and I'm very quiet. Seriously, it's like 90% of the time my vocal chords don't work, so I usually just squeak. I'm small, I don't eat a lot. I'm a little on the shy side but once I get to know you, I might show you my 'Fainting Goat' trick to get you to pet me.

But here's the deal. My parents don't love me anymore. Okay, not really. But they are moving and could only take one pet so my brother and I had to draw straws. That black furry asshat won. And apparently all my aunts and uncles and grandparents have foresaken me.. which is why I'm here today.

So.. if you are a cat person, a good person, and are looking to adopt.. please send my asshat abandoner soon-to-be former daddy agent a private message.

Thanks, and hoping to hear from one of you right meow.



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You might try some of the vets, I know our vet on Alabama, always has like 3 cats there that are available for adoption, and I asked them and they said they stay until they are adopted. That one is called is called Cat Vet, but other vets might do that also. Pretty kitty. I would give it a go, but our cat hates other cats.

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Ever-brillint Google has put together the frequent use of the word "construction" on this web site with the topic of this thread, "cats" and determined that we mean bulldozers, not moggies.

Which explains why the ad at the top of this page that I see right now is:


Cat. Parts. Wrong kind of cat, Google.

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It's very rare that I get the opportunity to pass on useless information...

There's a law in the Netherlands that if you sell rabbit (for eating) the hind legs must still be attached. The reason for this is that after WW2, rabbit's were hard to come by, and apparently, people would sell cat at the local market and call it rabbit.

Nothing to do with anything, other than the 'cat parts' but anyway, hope a nice home (far away from Dutch markets) is found for Anya!

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