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University of Saint Thomas/Menil Campus Performing Arts Center

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I'm surprised I wasn't able to find this on HAIF. I ran a few searches, but nothing came up. Apologies if this is a repeat thread...

Swamplot reported in May that the Univ. of St. Thomas will be building a new performance arts center near the Menil campus. The article indicates that the building will be four stories and just under 100k square feet. Here's the accompanying rendering:


University of St. Thomas's Performing Arts Center Moving in Next to Menil Campus

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I'm guessing this probably some group of alum's who are dropping some serious dough to make this happen. Even if that is the case I'm actually pretty impressed with this master plan. This would most certainly make that university better equipped to compete with other schools especially the more recognized St. Thomas. Would be nice to confirm if most of these are on their way to getting built so they could get their own thread! 

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it looks like they are planning to build a new science building and some more additions

Yeah I know as a student I'm curious where Sloan thinks he's going to get all this money and students when the size of the school is smaller than my high school...if/when it gets built I won't be there
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On 7/18/2017 at 10:01 PM, Urbannizer said:


This looks good. Of course, the gardens that are currently on that lot (at least as of the latest google streetview) are also quite pleasant. Hopefully we don't get too much more development around the Menil, and they can keep the traffic on West Alabama/Graustark and off Sul Ross. Less is more over there, in general.


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  • Highrise Tower changed the title to University of Saint Thomas/Menil Campus Performing Arts Center

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