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Kinder Morgan Building At 1001 Louisiana St.


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It's not all that surprising that with Kinder Morgan eating El Paso Energy, the tower at 1010 Milam is getting a new name. Mark down "Kinder Morgan Building" as its new official name once the purchase is finished.

For the curious, Kinder Morgan's offices will move from 1 Allen Center to the bottom half of the former El Paso Energy Building. An independent company formed from the buyout called EP Energy will take most of the top half, with the exception of the top five floors which are going to whomever has pockets deep enough to get them.

Here's the naming history of the building (in reverse chronological order):

*Kinder Morgan Building

*El Paso Energy Building

*Tenneco Building

*Tennessee Pipeline Company Building

*1010 Milam

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Of purely historical (?) interest((?))


Kinder Morgan was the result of a buyout by KN Energy, of Colorado, which took the Kinder Morgan name and moved its HQ here fourteen years ago.

KN Energy had shortly prior bought MidCon pipeline from California oil giant Occidental.

MidCon had bought United Energy Resources of Houston just six months before being gobbled up by Oxy in a friendly bid.

United Energy Resources had leased the largest block of spec space in Houston's tallest building when El Paso Natural Gas backed out.  Previous to that, El Paso had been the name tenant and our tallest building was to be called El Paso Tower.

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  • Highrise Tower changed the title to Kinder Morgan Building At 1001 Louisiana St.

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