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5888 Westheimer Rd.


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Houston's is now called Hillstones.... does anybody know what's up?

At first I thought they changed the name because it was getting confused with the city of Houston. But after checking the website for Houston's, its still called Houston's, but the parent company is called Hillstone Resturant Group, and they have a resturant called Hillstone (don't know if its new).

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5888 Westheimer was the previous site of Houston's restaurant. The restaurant closed in 2019.

After two years on the market, the property was leased sometime in early June (at least that's when the listing was last updated before being removed in mid to late June).

Replacing the former Houston's is a new restaurant and lounge named the Warwick. This may be a collaborative project from Steve Rogers (Prospect Park, Bar 5015), Mazan Baltagi (Slowpokes, Christian's Tailgate), and maybe others.

I emailed all the relevant news organizations covering Houston's food & beverage scene about this in June. I thought at least Eater Houston would report this since Eater as a whole covers rumors of potential new restaurants and bars. Unfortunately, they decided to sit on this as the Houston site does with most news and tips I send their way, many of which locals want to know. And many have wondered what would come of the former Houston's restaurant near the Galleria area.

A few days ago, Steve Rogers announced the Warwick. He didn't, however, provide the address but it is planned for 5888 Westheimer.

Along with announcement on both his Instagram and the Warwick's Instagram, Rogers uploaded a 3D model video of the proposed design.


Instagram: @ thewarwickhouston


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  • The title was changed to 5888 Westheimer Rd.

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