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A couple of pics of the ceiling in the main atrium, taken from the third floor. As you can see, there’s tons of natural light augmented with some artificial light. I can’t wait to see this building on

We have been instructed not to lick these windows. It’s been pretty difficult for us dumb construction workers, but we’re managing. Seriously, though, I don’t know where in China they’re coming from,

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2 hours ago, DarklyMoron said:

Will you be working on the Ismaili center? Willard Holmes said that was the next big project for McCarthy.

Unfortunately not. I worked for the subcontractor that installed the cool jacket tube glass, the clerestory glass, and the curtain walls around the building. 

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On 11/15/2020 at 11:24 PM, rgarza said:

Unfortunately not. I worked for the subcontractor that installed the cool jacket tube glass, the clerestory glass, and the curtain walls around the building. 

Then you may be able to explain this fun little anomaly in the glass tubes. Is there any reason for the inverted corner, or is it just because?


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^^^ @rgarza my pal, you didn't tell us about this drop dead gorgeous 215-seat auditorium/theater at the soon to open MFAH.  what a remarkably/beautiful addition.  i am still struggling with the overall exterior of this burgeoning and yet monumental MFAH structure.  upon my most honest personal opinion... i think that the exterior consisting of that GOD AWFUL frosted glass tubing... is the most UGLY/HORRIFIC THING EVER for a newly modern day constructed museum edifice that is costing in excess of ($475mm).  with a price tag that steep, EVERY ASPECT OF THIS remarkable edifice should be something that DREAMS ARE MADE OF.  nonetheless, let's talk about the INTERIOR design.  once again, upon my most personal view, in lieu of observing many of the posted illustrations throughout this burgeoning MFAH thread, the interior design looks like a small slice of PURE HEAVEN.  the billowing and barrel ceilings, the seemingly never-ending space, the pure and unadulterated opulence... like, everywhere you look.  the way that the ART SEEMS TO COME  TO LIFE throughout this magnificent structure, the SOOTHING and yet state-of-the-art LIGHTING EFFECTS throughout, and the seamless flow of pure/raw energy emanating from the MFAH staffers as they prepare this place for it's opening.     HOUSTON, is a very fair, and yet, hard working blue collar city.  it always has been.  however, upon your visit, this small slice of PURE HEAVEN... is going to catapult your very soul and overall well-being into the stratosphere...

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The building is amazing. I wish I had more time to take everything in, but I had to run. Next time.. 

The guide recommended we take the elevator to the top and work our way down. With the flow around the open central atrium and stairs, I couldn’t help but think of Wrights Guggenheim. 
The Kusama infinity room is closed right now. I heard multiple variations for why, from not being able to manage capacity while it’s busy during this free grand opening week(?), but “should be open after that”, to the unfortunately more likely reason, covid. 
The skylights in the tunnel between the Kinder and Glassell buildings were very Turrell-esque. The other tunnel towards the Law building was already getting blocked by people getting their picture taken, with the rainbow colored light filling the backdrop. 

I’d post pictures, but the file size limit is ridiculous.


Oh, the Glassell rooftop is still closed, but the new awning shade doesn’t look too bad from the ground level.

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^^^ nancy and rich kinder


^^^ @DarklyMoron @rgarza and to any other HAIF stalwarts that are associated to whatever degree... to the newest MFAH CROWN JEWEL now open within our fair city of houston, tx... CONGRATULATIONS!  thank you kindly for your hard work, constant insight and updates, and all around knowledgeable contributions to this burgeoning MFAH thread.  SALUTE!  

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A couple glowing reviews of the building:

Rice Design Alliance: https://www.ricedesignalliance.org/mfah-kinder

Wall Street Journal (paywall): https://www.wsj.com/articles/a-triumphant-user-friendly-addition-11605960002?st=mzq14ojca68nzbk

Excerpt from WSJ:

As a place for viewing art, and in terms of sheer sensational impact, the Kinder is a triumph. It is impressive by day or night, adroitly integrated into its site, and—best of all—designed with special consideration for the ease and comfort of its users. It is also uncommonly well detailed (Mr. McVoy told me that they made extensive use of large-scale study models, and it shows). In short, the building delivers all that was asked of it, in abundance.

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