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The Republic: 46-Story Office Tower


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New Travis courthouse could be part of massive development

By Mike Kanin

August 18, 2011

The firm behind the master plan for Travis County's central campus project presented the Commissioners' Court Tuesday with a set of potential concepts for its new Civil and Family Courthouse building. The grandest of these schemes imagines a complex punctuated with a 72-story tower that would hold nearly 1.4 million square feet of lease space.


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County seeks partner for courthouse

by Vicky Garza , ABJ Staff

Date: Friday, July 22, 2011, 5:00am CDT

Ten diverse companies from across the nation are vying to help Travis County determine how it will build one of the most ambitious projects in Central Texas.

The business chosen will work with county officials to decide whether the new county courthouse slated for downtown should be built with the help of a private partner. Part of the process will involve scrutinizing 21 offers submitted by developers from around the world.

One of those businesses will likely take the lead in reviewing the 21 proposals, which were submitted in response to a request for information. The firms were to include their past experience with public-private ventures and their ideas on courthouse design, construction, management, operation and financing.


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38 minutes ago, Houston19514 said:




Yep. Courthouse was originally planned for a half of this block, with a large tower for the other half in a public-private partnership. The idea was shot down by voters.


Location for the new Travis Co. Courthouse moved to the north end of Downtown. Construction is finally underway.






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As it is, the Travis County courthouse functions are spread among a number of buildings ranging over a bunch of blocks.  That gets to be a real PITA after a while - which is why Harris County built several new tall buildings over the last couple decades.  There's also a new, larger family courts building on the horizon; it's sorely needed.

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December 2021 Start Date- now 710’ ft





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- They dug and poured the footer along the NE corner

- Started slab preparation.   They put down white plastic first.   Next they roll out plastic flexible conduit for any electric/low voltage lines that they need in the slab (these are the black lines you see on top of the plastic. 
- Rain drove off most of the workers this afternoon.   Have a great weekend everyone.


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