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Seeking A New Place Of Employment!

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I am in the process of being laid off from my current employer due to a reduction in staff. I have over four years of experience at my current employer in employee benefits, retirement planning, estate planning, employee retention workshops, 401(k) education workshops, website development, database development, and other IT work. I'm including a shortened version of my resume in this post, minus some descriptive detail and my contact information. If anyone knows of any possible openings, or would like to discuss my experience and career goals with me, I may be reached by e-mail at stevensullivan@earthlink.net.

While I cannot say for sure what the exact job title and position I want is, I can list some of the attributes I would like to be involved with the job. I'm a very people-oriented person, and would prefer a role that allows for a lot of interaction with others. My current job, while not really a human resources position, has given me a lot of experience in the HR area and I would be open to a position in a corporate HR department. I also am very technically-minded, and have a propensity for becoming an expert at any new software program I tackle very quickly. As a result, I have much higher than average knowledge of all of the Microsoft Office applications, as well as several other widely used software packages. While I could easily do a strictly IT job, I would prefer something that involves more interaction with people than sitting behind a computer all day.

Outside of work, many of my interests fall into the areas of transportation systems (specifically public transit and commercial aviation), urban development and planning, and travel. It would be great to work in one of those industries but not required. I am also willing to travel as part of my job.

Thanks in advance for reading this post. If you can offer any suggestions or advice on my resume or where to look I'd appreciate it. Or if you know of any openings at your company or other places, those would be great as well. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

My Resume (Shortened Version)

Summary of Qualifications and Major Projects Completed

  • Extensive experience in the design, presentation, and evaluation of benefits communication and financial education workshops for employees of large corporations.
  • Over four years of experience in working with over 500 employees of large corporations on a one-on-one basis to examine their benefits choices, and retirement, relocation, and estate planning.
  • Expert knowledge of all Microsoft Office products, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher, and FrontPage. Extensive experience with Visual Basic for Applications, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, networking, and computer hardware installation and repair. Five years of experience with website design and development, including HTML, ASP, VB Script, and JavaScript.
  • Counseled over 70 employees of a large international oilfield services corporation during a voluntary early retirement program (2004).
  • Provided relocation counseling services to employees of a client
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