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Google buys Motorola's cell phone division

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Google bought Motorola Mobility today for $12 billion in cash, which is Motorola's cell phone division (it's a separate company now) and, thus, half of the "original" Motorola (Motorola split into two companies earlier this year, Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions). What do you think? Seems like a bold move by Google to get into the hardware business.

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well HTC androids are google phones, not sure about the others. so to me it make sense to draw upon Motorola's business to further develop their phones....

HTC androids are not google phones, they are HTC phones that run the Android Operating system. The Nexus One was a phone made by HTC where Google was partnered in the hardware development. Same thing for the Nexus S where Google worked with Samsung.

It will be interesting to see which direction Google takes with Motorola hardware, and if they still collaborate with other mfrs on hardware, or just provide the Android OS and release all Google phones through Motorola.

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my HTC Thunderbolt has google right there on the back case. I had to sign up for a google gmail account in order to access the app market. Are there more google tie ins than that for it to be a google phone?

All Android phones require a Gmail account to use.

That may get them in hot water some day with the monopoly people.

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