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College Football 2011


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I can't help but think this Sumlin to A&M thing is going to end badly. It reminds me of what LSU did back in the early 90's when they hired Curly Hallman. If you don't know, he came from Southern Miss (low profile school, they don't play anyone...sound familiar?). They had a pretty good run when they had 1 really good player, a QB named Brett Favre. Another similarity. Anyway, Curly Hallman single-handedly took LSU football from perennial conference champ contenders to a 2-9 team.

Just warning you Aggies, don't overestimate a coaches "accomplishments" that were actually achieved by a good QB against a bunch of junior college competition.

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Since Curly played at A&M, we are well aware of the Curly fiasco. Certainly, there is concern that Sumlin can handle the jump to the big time. He seems to get high marks from some big time coaches, however, and is a good Texas recruiter. If he can do something with the defense, he may turn out alright.

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I can't help but think this Sumlin to A&M thing is going to end badly.

I felt the same way. I initially didn't see how this was much different that the Francione hiring ( a coach that looked way better than he actually was due to the play of 1 future NFL star).... but at this point, gotta back my coach, and hope for the best.

2M a yr wasn't as outrageous as I thought we'd pay him.. so hopefully we have plenty of coin left over to attract some top notch coordinators.

And.. I'm glad DeRuyter has moved on.. I think he did a good job building us back up to respectability, but I also think he's a little overrated.

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You knew it was coming. College Bowl Mania! Confidence style.

This game challenges you to select the winners of each of the NCAA college football bowl games. You can play with a Confidence scoring system (assign confidence points to your picks) or Straight scoring system (just pick the winners!). Best of all, the game is FREE to play!

Get in the action now:


Group: HAIF Bowl Pick Em

Password: haif

Great. Thanks for starting this up. I've signed up.

I encourage everyone to sign up pronto considering the first bowl game is tomorrow.

Regular season completion is over..... And the Results....

In 1st... finishing in the top 5.2% of all ESPN players is Sowanome.

In a close 2nd... finishing in the top 8.6% of all ESPN players is RedScare

In distant 3rd.. finishing in the top 20.4% of all ESPN players was 20thDad

Honorable Mention goes to Highway6 for being the only other player to finish without missing a week.

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I had a hard time with the confidence this year. I kept moving every game farther down, to the point that ones I moved down earlier kept coming back up. I don't know if it's just good matchups, the fact that I've been more absorbed in my own team than usual, or the fact that it seems like every team this year isn't that great.

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