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Greenwood Forest vs Riverside Terrace


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Recently visited Greenwood Forest in northwest Harris County for the first time. Was surprised to find this well maintained up scaled quiet neighborhood just blocks off 1960 or Cypress Creek Parkway or Jack Rabbit Rd, depending on the age of those you talk too.

I have three former neighbors from Riverside Terrace who purchased homes in this area, I accepted an offer to drive the kids out for a pool party. The first thing that struck me was those trees and the well maintained yards. With 3 small kids the 20 mph traffic signs was a pleasant surprise. The homes are large and so are the yards and the prices are unbelievable.A few homes from my friends home, was a huge mansion with 4 car garage and pool on nearly half an acre for under 250k. Near my friends home is a stately English Tudor nearly 4000 sq ft, with pool on a 12000sq ft lot for around $170K. Really considering selling my old ranch style 50's home in Riverside Terrace and moving to Greenwood Forest. Checked out the schools Klein ISD, they are great .Do anyone know if this subdivision is a good buy or just too good to be true!

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I think there are some great bargains in that part of the County. I lived in Greenwood Forest for a couple years back in '78-'80. Prices seem so low now I'm thinking of buying some for rentals.

You noted much of the positive. Add to that, most are custom built and (some) to a very high quality. The house I lived in had poured concrete floors on the second story.

I've heard the current trouble in the neighborhood is the schools. There are some bad areas zoned to those schools. I think they've built some sect 8 properties just to the south on Champion Forest Dr.

Also, for familes with young kids they are no sidewalks. Laid out in a grid pattern the neighborhood does see it's share of "cut through" traffic.

You might also check out Old Oaks (Spring ISD?), Champions, Memorial Northwest, Huntwick ect. Some bargains there also.

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Agreed that the knock on Greenwood has always been which schools it was zoned to. Also, even though you find some excellent quality, the homes were built (according to a neighbor that was living in area in early 70's) by a multitude of builders so you have to really look at each one individually. If you are looking for a great neighborhood with excellent schools, look just across 1960 to Huntwick. We have several friends living there and they love it because of the kid friendly environment and activities.

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