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Highland Park detailed info desired

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Highland Park was, at the turn of the century, a thriving park and promenade that Houstonian's would flock to for outdoor entertainment. According to the website http://houstorian.wordpress.com/2009/02/08/highland-park//, Highland part included a lake with leisure boating, places to eat, rides, and even a shooting range. Today, much of the land of Highland Park sits right where I-45 and I-10 join just NW of downtown Houston, but considerable unchanged land of the original Highland Park still exists on both the west and east side of I-45.

I'm fascinated by the former existence of this grand outdoor entertainment venue that opened in 1903 and today not an ounce of it seems to exist. I've explored the land that's there today and compared it against the postcards that show it's grand existence and cannot seem to make heads-or-tales of just exactly where anything was of the park. Does anyone have any more details about where building and structures where of Highland Park? Certainly some evidence of the park still exists today, but I can't find it...


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