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South Main Baptist Church At 4100 South Main St.


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90% chance it's a Starbucks or CVS Pharmacy.

According to Starbucks, they were scouting for a second location in Midtown a few months ago, probably further south of the existing West Gray/Midtown store. These plans were scrapped because it was deemed to close to the existing Midtown store but who knows maybe they changed their minds.

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I tried to cut through there the other day to see what was going on. I ended up having to cut through S. Main Baptist parking lot to get over to the feeder because Truxillo, Travis and Isabella were all blocked off. I couldn't tell what they're doing.

They've also torn down a multi-story building at (say) Fannin and Holman. Both locations are easy walking distance from HCC.

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Good for HCC Central!! It perplexes me to no end why we don't have more commercial investment in the surrounding areas of our schools inside the loop (Rice being a glorious exception). This really is standard fare for any major school because students NEED STUFF in between classes! We need to have a Starbucks, Target, couple of restaurants all surrounding HCC. Fiesta and Subway alone aren't cutting it.

And of course the same goes for UofH.

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