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HAIFer's Favorite Restaurants

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I want to try Houston's best in all price ranges (but mostly in the cheap to $20 entree range, haha)

Here are the rules, they're simple. Please list your top five favorite Houston area restaurants (preferably inside the Beltway). Top 5 (or if you can only think of 3 or so, that's ok, too) no matter the cuisine or anything. I think this will establish a good list of restaurants for all of us to try. I'm always wanting to try new places but I don't even know where to start.

If you can also provide other information like address, major cross streets and/or website, that would be very helpful, too.

Looking forward to hearing from yall!






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Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and list a bunch more, because it hurts my head to try and pick the top five.

Chuy's Tex-Mex

Goode Co BBQ

Berryhill's original fish tacos

Mission Burritos

Grand Lux

Lupe Tortillas beef fajitas

Original Ninfa's on Navigation

If you like sushi, Kata Robota or Azuma

RC's Pizza (Kingwood; see http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/life/hoffman/7302870.html)

Any Cordua family restaurant (Artista, Americas (esp. Sunday brunch), Churrascos, Amazon (esp. the burger))

Candellari's pizza

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Chuy's on Westheimer near Kirby

Rudy's BBQ (out near the beltway on 290) or Spring. Wouldn't make a special trip but if you're out there

Fadi's on Westheimer and Dunvale

Hubcap Burger downtown - lunch only Monday through Saturday

Pappa Geno's on Ella and TC Jester, amazing cheesesteaks

Calliope's - cajun

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Mark's- Still think it's the #1 place for high end dining (lower Westheimer)

Brennan's- Maybe because it makes me think of my grandparents and growing up, but I still love this place (midtown)

Cafe Moustache- Lower Westheimer. Don't let the cheesy name fool you. This place is awesome and so is the setting

Picnic- Bissonnet near Hazard St. Love this place for a sandwich at lunch

Mayuri- Best Indian in Houston. Love the Banghan Bharta (eggplant). 5857 Westheimer

Lankford Grocery- Best burger and the place is an institution (old 4th Ward)

Thelma's BBQ- liked the old location better but still my favorite bbq (3rd Ward/Southmore)

Original Frency's- Scott St. Go at 3 am to get the vibe.

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