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Barker Cypress And I-10 Feeder North Side

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Texas Children's Hospital has already opened, so I doubt that's what he's referring to because he specifically mentioned that they're clearing ground.  Are you talking about the other corner?

He didn't mention which corner.  And I haven't been that way so I wasn't aware that the hospital opened.  I just posted the hcad link to the NW corner, which says "Texas Children's Hospital".  I thought the NE corner was already occupied by Bally's and some strip mall.


Apparently the TCH campus isn't completely open yet.  Currently only the outpatient center has opened.  I included a link to the site plan below - looks like a nice center.  Google maps  has been updated and shows both NE and NW corners to be occupied.  TCH could be building some auxiliary buildings/offices alongside  Barker-Cypress.


From the TCH website:

Fall 2010:  We will open our 220,000 square-foot outpatient facility with an outstanding range of pediatric sub-specialties and services, including but not limited to: 

- Audiology 

- Cardiology 

- Endocrinology/Diabetes 

- Gastroenterology 

- Hematology/Oncology 


- Neurology 

- Ophthalmology 

- Orthopedic Surgery 

- Otolaryngology 

- Pediatric Surgery  

- Physical/Occupational Therapy

- Pulmonary Medicine

- Speech Therapy 

- Urology 

Spring 2011:  We will open our 294,000 square-foot inpatient facility, featuring:

- Emergency services

- 48-intermediate and acute care beds and an additional 48-bed capacity upon further completion 

- Advanced imaging services to include MRI and CT scans 

- Surgical services 

- Neurophysiology sleep laboratory

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You're correct. Part of the facility isn't open yet, but I believe that the whole facility has been built already and that they are just completing the interiors on the inpatient facility. Both facilities - Texas Children's and the Methodist facility which is being built next door - look very nice. I'll try to take some pictures over the weekend and post them.

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Katy is really growing up. I remember when there was literally nothing but a couple of strip centers and big box stores from the Katy Mills Mall area to Highway 6. Now look at it. The last two big parcels of land left is between Westgreen and Mason and Mason and 99. The plot between Westgreen and Mason is suppose to be one of those "Main Event" entertainment centers. The other is suppose to be that big mall that won't be built anytime soon.

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