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KHOU's news director is out.


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KEITH CONNORS, the ND for Belo’s KHOU-TV (CBS) in Houston, will leave the station in late November after five years as ND.


Keith’s departure comes shortly after the station won two National Edward R. Murrow awards (including overall excellence) and the Lonestar Emmy award for Station Excellence.

The regional Emmy is worthless, but the Murrow award means something.

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They should get rid of both Greg Hurst and Lucy Noland. Both seem very phoney and like plastic people. They are a poor fit for a historically southern town that is not about those things. They will never find another Steve Smith but maybe give Len Cannon the top job and find another lead female anchor. Cannon is pretty good and does not sensationalize or BS at all. The interview he did with Rick Perry the last time he was up for election was awesome. Greg Hurst did one as well but his was not nearly as good.

Ron Trevino is also a good anchor at KHOU and should perhaps do the morning show. Put Arenas on the noon show instead.

KHOU has for a long time been the best major news broadcast in town. Their special hometown topic stories are often great.

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