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Baytown Acid Bombs


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Received this release today from the Harris County Fire Marshal:


Pranksters Set Off Acid Bombs

Acid bombs exploded in a Baytown neighborhood in the 5400 block of Thyme just before midnight last night. Two men are in custody while a third is still being sought.

The Harris County Fire Marshal's Office, Baytown Fire Department, Baytown Bomb Squad and the Harris County Sheriff's Department all responded to the home of an off-duty Baytown police officer.

"The suspects set off two of the improvised devices in one of the suspect's own back yard," said Investigator James Bolton with the Harris County Fire Marshal's Office. "A third device was thrown in the officer's back yard. It did not go off and had to be "rendered safe' by the Baytown Bomb Squad."

No one was injured and at least one of the suspects lives next door to the officer. All three will be charged with a third-degree felony involving an explosive weapon.

"These men thought it was a prank," added Bolton. "But anyone within close proximity to the devices, when detonated, could have been seriously injured. This is a serious crime. "It's no laughing matter."

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