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Developer Buys Northside Neighborhood

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East Whitney neighborhood near N Main and Crosstimbers:


Construction crews are hard at work, thanks to developer John Hurd.

Hurd bought [East Whitney] and is investing $4 million in turning it around.

"I’ve had failures, and I’ve had successes, but now the elements are starting to impinge on my life, and so if I don’t do something about it, then no one else will do it if I don’t take the chance and do it," he said.

Hurd said he does hope to make money off the 70 rental homes someday, but his bigger goal is to give people the chance for a better life.

The East Whitney homes were built in the 60s, and most are in decent shape.

But Hurd said crime has been a big problem in the neighborhood, so his crews are cleaning the homes out and carefully screening existing and future residents.

Hurd said he believes fixing the neighborhood up will inspire people to take pride in their homes and turn their lives around.

Rent at the homes will run about $600 a month.


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