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Other Haunted Spots


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Quite a few folks like there now and a few have reported seeing, hearing and witnessing paranormal stuff on a regular basis. Nothing serious but a few things. 


Sens Road in la Porte is reported to be haunted, 


Also there is the Black hope neighborhood near Crosby, TX. 


This haunted neighborhood has been written about in the novel The Black Hope Horror. The neighborhood was constructed over an old slave cemetery. When the subdivision was built, many of the residents were terrorized by the angry spirits that dwelled below. No one had a clue as to what was causing it until a couple started digging a swimming pool and unearthed the remains of two people who had been buried in their backyard. It is a story that is very similar to the movie Poltergeist, but it is frighteningly real. Most of the activity is centered at the east end of Poppets Way and the side street that connects at the east end. According to the book, people would rent a house on the street and abruptly leave within a month, and this was a very regular occurrence.

This is a true story that is similar to the movie Poltergeist. Residents reported self-flushing toilets, flickering lights, family pets that literally go mad, household items that seem to have a life of their own, friends and relatives who are stricken with fatal diseases, freakish storms that hover over the house, flocks of crows that attack, and many more Hollywood-type phenomena, except it's too frighteningly real. According to the book that was written about the case, many people moved into this lovely neighborhood, but left suddenly within a month. Later it was learned the neighborhood was built over an old slave cemetery, but the bodies had not been moved, so the residents were being haunted by spirits who were angry at having their final resting place desecrated.

An entire neighborhood experienced extremely frightening activity on this old Negro Cemetery known as the Black Hope Cemetery. No solutions have been found. The Williams house is a private residence on Hilltop Drive in the Newport area of Lake Houston.

Built on top of a "potter's field" type cemetery, residents of this subdivision have reported apparitions, poltergeist activity, and a general impression that whatever was there was evil. The phenomena was the subject of the book The Black Hope Horror and the movie Grave Secrets.

The fine line between documentary and dream is almost eradicated in this true haunted-house tale set in the Deep South. Ben and Jean Williams have uneasy feelings about their new Texas home the moment they discover ants invading their dishwasher. Soon, their toilets self-flush, knickknacks dance, freakish storms' hover over them, flocks of crows attack, pet cats and gerbils go mad, and friends and relatives are stricken with fatal diseases.

When Jean and Ken Williams moved into their new house in 1983, they were curious about strange markings on the oak tree in their front yard. Soon, they started hearing unexplainable footsteps and voices in the house. Moving shadows roamed the house and a black substance oozed from the walls of the master bedroom. They discovered that their house was built on top of an old Negro graveyard called the Black Hope Cemetery. Neighbors confirmed the sightings of ghosts and some experienced phenomena in their own homes. Before the Williams family moved out in 1987, five members had died under mysterious circumstances. The Williamses sued the developer and wrote a book about their experiences, called The Black Hope Horror.

The horrible ordeal the Williams family faced was well documented in 1987 with articles in the Houston Chronicle newspaper and in other U.S. newspapers as well. I remember this because I lived in Houston for many years. "Shag" and Jean Williams moved into their pristine, new dream home when they were in their fifties. Ben was a rank-and-file worker at a local industrial plant. They sank a lot of their savings into the home thinking they would retire there. Shortly after settling in, the toilets began flushing themselves, ants overflowed from the dishwasher, pets began to die mysteriously, and freakish storms brewed up, centered only over their home and a few others near them. Snakes began appearing out of nowhere, and at night they would hear barely audible voices and see shadows. These and many other disturbances culminated in the unexpected deaths of several people close to them. The Williamses were not the only ones to experience these horrifying phenomena. Neighbors living around them also suffered similar fates. The reason became clear when a contractor began breaking ground for a neighbor's new pool and dug up two bodies. What ensues is truly a nightmare for this unsuspecting couple and their neighbors as all try to hold onto their sanity long enough to recoup their money from the title company. Prospective buyers were nonexistent due to publicity and a law that required the owners to divulge that the houses were built over a cemetery. This story was made into a TV movie in 1992 titled Grave Secrets: The Legacy of Hilltop Drive, starring Patty Duke and David Selby. The Newport hauntings have also been included in several documentaries on the supernatural. Some seem to question the veracity of this story. What can't be dismissed is the fact that something caused many residents to abandon their new homes, allowing the banks to foreclose on their entire investment, that many people on the street suffered emotional and familial breakdowns, that several unexplained illnesses and deaths occurred, etc.

Read more: http://hauntedtavern.proboards.com/thread/1081#ixzz2aeHyyE00

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Ah, so the Williams family made money by writing a book (which turned into a movie) and gained fame by spinning ghost stories about their poorly constructed house with plumbing and electrical problems in a place w/ ants and snakes? Got it.


I love how all ghost stories involve either slaves or Indians that are ticked off that someone is living on top of them. I'd think they'd be more scared of our modern technology and would be clueless on how to operate tv's and clocks (even flushing toilets).

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Ah, so the Williams family made money by writing a book (which turned into a movie) and gained fame by spinning ghost stories about their poorly constructed house with plumbing and electrical problems in a place w/ ants and snakes? Got it.


I love how all ghost stories involve either slaves or Indians that are ticked off that someone is living on top of them. I'd think they'd be more scared of our modern technology and would be clueless on how to operate tv's and clocks (even flushing toilets).


I have often thought the same thing.


Where i do believe in ghosts and have seen many strange things in my years it never ceases to amaze me how many of the stories have the same thread to them. And how come we do not see ghosts from the 1600's or even from the 1200's do they lose strength, fade away or what ever. So many questions and no real answers. 

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I have often thought the same thing.


Where i do believe in ghosts and have seen many strange things in my years it never ceases to amaze me how many of the stories have the same thread to them. And how come we do not see ghosts from the 1600's or even from the 1200's do they lose strength, fade away or what ever. So many questions and no real answers. 


The thing is that people come up with ghost stories to explain the things they don't understand or are afraid of. Pretty much everything has some sort of logical/scientific explanation. It sounds like you've realized another thing that is just silly about all of these stories. People die every second in a multitude of good and bad ways, and the sheer volume alone would suggest that we should have ghosts floating around everywhere (especially on the freeways). The stories have the same thread because those that believe in them only further build them up in their heads, read other ghost stories, buy the books, etc. It's just like alien abduction stories and how they all have the same thread.

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And also in many cities you will find the same stories repeated, detail for detail just a new location, names and time periods. Now some stories seem to have some valid truths and personally I have experienced things I cannot explain but the vast majority of stories can be explained away to natural things, and seeing things where there is not due to either wanting to believe, an over active imagination or what ever.


No I do not believe them all not even a 1/3 probably less than that but...............  

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I for one have never had a ghost encounter. Now, I have had some freakish unexplainable things happen, but I'm sure there is a reason for them. The first, at my grandma's in good ole Louisiana, I stayed at her house one night. The family graveyard is a few yards from the window, and I woke up in the middle of the night to a constant "tap tap tap" on the window. There were no trees or bushes on that side of the house, but in my drunken state I was freaked out (Probably a lose tree stick on the roof).


Another would be the Anson Lights, north of Abilene, TX. I've seen them a couple times, and I cannot explain them, but there has to be a reason for it. Anyways, I don't believe in them one bit.

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Orbs... Chortle.. I laugh every time I see/hear someone claim that

dust and other tiny particles captured by cameras are ghosts.

Gimme a break. laugh.gif I was born yesterday, but not last night.. wacko.gif

But saying that, I'm not a total unbeliever when it comes to spirit type

stuff. I've never "seen" a ghost, but I've been in places where you

almost seem to "feel" their presence. I had one instance where I was

nearly scared to death, and walked out of a friends house without saying

anything to them. Heck, I nearly *ran* out of the place. Scared me to death.

I never saw anything with my eyes, but I felt something was there which was

very scary and felt like pure evil. And when this happened, ghosts were the

last thing on my mind. It really shook me up pretty bad at the time.

A few days later I finally worked up the nerve to tell him about it, and

found out that other things have happened there before, and had since he was

young and his parents owned the house.

But like I say, I spent the night on the battleship Texas and didn't notice

a thing.. :/


I used to not believe in them, either...until I had a few encounters which I will keep private.

Suffice to say, they are out there.

I honestly wished I still had your skepticism on them. I found the situations involved to be very sad, indeed.   :(

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I'm not one to flat-out say that there are such a thing as "ghosts", but I have personally had experiences at a particular location that I have absolutely no way of explaining.  I grew up in Freeport (sixty miles south of Downtown on SH 288), and at the present-day campus of O.A. Fleming Elementary School, I can personally attest to unusual happenings experienced by myself and my family.  I apologize for the length of this, but it requires some background.


This current school campus and the field areas surrounding the campus were once the site of two divided campuses: Freeport Intermediate School and O.A. Fleming.  Freeport Intermediate School was rebuilt at a different location, and was abandoned by 1997.  Before that, from 1930 until 1944, it was the campus of Freeport High School (known today as Brazosport High School along 288).  I have no idea how long the elementary school has been there, but perhaps prior to 1930.  Freeport's origins come with the origins of Texas itself, as it was the site of The Battle of Velasco and the Treaties of Velasco.


I actually attended school at the campus when it was Freeport Intermediate, and the kids would always rumor about how it was "haunted", but I always assumed this was just kids being kids.  One of the rumors was about how the toilets would flush themselves in the second story bathrooms of the main building.


My mother worked as a teacher at the elementary school since I was very young, and she was thoroughly passionate about her job.  She preferred to stay working in her classroom long after school, and sometimes until late into the night.  My brothers and I were bussed to the campus after school where we would stay until my mom was ready to leave.  A couple of years after FIS had their new campus built, the elementary school announced that the elementary campus next door would move into the abandoned intermediate school buildings while their own campus was razed and rebuilt on the same spot.


My mother's classroom was moved into a small building that the intermediate school kids once referred to as "the science wing" because of all the science classes being housed there.  It was a long rectangular building with entrances/exits on both of the short ends.  We continued our routine as usual, and with school year just starting, my mother stayed very late one night attempting to get the new classroom in order.  Looking at the clock,  I noticed that it got to be about 11:50 PM until I reminded my mother just how late it was.


We decided to wrap things up.  Just as we were about to leave, the clock struck midnight, and mayhem happened in that small building.  The bell system began to ring erratically in long and short bursts.  Surprised, I ran out into the hallway, and noticed a vacant trophy case literally shaking.  We were very frightened, and quickly left the building.  What happened after we closed the door to the building was just mind-blowing though.  The entire bell system just shut off the second that the door closed.  The next day, my mother questioned the janitors, whom she knew well.  She asked them if they knew of any scheduled alarm bells that were set to go off at that time, and they noted that the bell system was not in operation.  Furthermore, they had no method of sounding in the manner in which they did.  Yes, in the past, there were patterns that the bells would ring if there was a fire drill, but they were steady short bursts.  There was no way for them to ring in erratic short and long bursts.


Although extremely unusual, I let this roll off my back, and chalked it up to a fluke.  However, a couple of weeks later, the bell incident happened again.  Although, this time it was even more unusual.  After the first incident, we had decided that we would no longer stay there to see what would happen at 12 AM again.  So, when it got to be around ten 'til, I was upset with my mother for keeping us there that late.  However, we got out of the building before anything happened, and we walked out to the car in the parking lot.  When we got there, my mother claimed that she had forgotten a bag she needed inside the classroom.  I urged her not to go, but she was insistent.  We walked back to the building, and as she was unlocking the door, I noticed that the ceiling-mounted clock in the hallway showed that it was actually five after midnight.  So you can imagine my complete shock when the minute that my mother opened the door, the bell system chimed again in the same eery manner.  Believe it or not, my mom still ran inside and got her bag.  The second she closed the door, the system immediately stopped again.  Completely unexplainable. 


Later on, my stepfather had his own unusual experience at the school.  He himself, was an employee at the school, and was attempting to enter the main school building after hours.  He walked from the parking lot to the building, when he realized that he had left the key inside the car.  Rather than walking back to the car in the brutal Texas heat, he decided to see if the janitors were available at the basement entrance, as they had their office there, and would sometimes be around.  He walked up to the door, and first checked to see if it was open, but it was locked.  He then knocked on the door, and luckily heard the voice of a woman ask who it was.  When he identified himself, someone opened the door for him.  However, when he stepped inside, there was literally no one there.  Confused, he walked through the basement into the school building to find a janitor on-duty vacuuming down the hall.  He walked up to her and asked if she had opened the door for him, and she told him that she didn't, and couldn't physically do it because she was so far down the hall.  She also told him that no one else was on-duty at the time.


Eventually the new elementary school campus was built next door, and my mother moved out of the building.  But even today, she and my stepfather have confessed to hearing the voice of an old man down the hallway that yells and curses at them to leave.  She has said that sometimes teachers have claimed to hear a large group of people talking in the teacher's lounge while using the restroom there by themselves, only to open the door and find no one there.  My mother seems to be desensitized to such events these days.


There are other instances that I can talk about, but I'd rather quit, because this thread is getting too long.


In 2005, the main building and science wing of Freeport Intermediate School, along with many surrounding buildings were torn down and remain as fields next door to the elementary school.  But, if you're interested in the site of the old "science wing", see Google street view here.   The field next door was the site of the main building pictured below.





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OH yes there are a lot of things that cannot be explained. My lady and I have had many ourselves in our old house in Beaumont, TX. And I have had a number on my current job that I still cannot explain and the home owners all claim it was paranormal activity. But is is my opinion that the vast majority of the reported activity could be explained away with a little detective work. 

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