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NOLA Vacation

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I have my summer vacation coming up and my wife and I have booked an apartment on Bourbon St near the intersection at St. Ann St for a week. What suggestions would you fellow HAIFers recommend we that must see. Last time we had the place we drove around town in areas like Gentilly and the 9th Ward to see post Katrina progress, so this time around we're doing everything on bicycle. We'd like to dig deep into the historical well with Latrobes on the top of the list, so any suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance.


403 Royal St (architect Benjamin Latrobe, ca 1822)

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There was also some interesting MCM's in context:


This picture in itself is worthy of a separate thread; at what point does newer architecture cease being an intrusion, and become part of the fabric of a city?

Thanks for reviving memories of New Orleans. Great pictures.

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In the short time I lived in the Quarter, I found myself simply walking up and down one street after another. I'd walk the same street over and over again and see different things each time. Recommend heading away from Jackson Square towards Esplanade and seeing things like the Ursuline Convent. While you're over there, dont forget Frenchmans St, if not for architecture then for some awesome music. Esplanade is worthy of a bike ride too.

Also as a side note, the building at ~646 Dumaine was where Interview with the Vampire was filmed when they did that scene where they talked about whole families being killed off as they walked multiple caskets out of the house.

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