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has anyone seen the kuhl-linscomb (kirby @ w. alabama)? they started off as one large store in an upscale strip center and now they have expanded. instead of tearing down a whole street of houses (vintage 2&4plexes which are really great), they bought every house on the neighboring residential street (about 6), painted them the same color and put a large number on each door. every house is a different "department" of the store. although not every company could afford to do this, i am glad that with their resources they chose to. it lends to something that this board discuses often, walk friendly vs. car friendly shopping, with a parking lot just in front of the main building.

i ride my bike down this street everyday (now that the bike lane has been removed from w. alabama) and appreciate the houses getting to stay around. the only thing i dislike is the white burglar bars on the bottom floor of each house, it might look modern from the inside but it looks a little ghetto from the outside, since the houses are so dark.

st. thomas also does this, buying property in the neighborhood and restoring most of them instead of tearing them down. actually, they just bought the 1940

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It's been written up by national magazines as one of the hippest stores in Houston. This Valentine's Day, no matter who you're shopping for you're bound to find it at Kuhl-Linscomb on West Alabama. From home accessories and hair products to luxurious linens and lotions, Kuhl-Linscomb has earned a reputation for caring the "Best of the Best" name brands. Pam Kuhl-Linscomb, who owns the store with her husband, has a design and fashion background so it's no wonder she knows how to cater to her customers. The couple started out with one building and now they have FIVE to house the many specialty items, such as bedding and furniture, they carry. Check out Kuhl-Linscomb, located at 2424 Kirby Drive, or call 713.520-6000.


I have never heard of it, but I can't wait to check it out!

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so i actually went inside the other day and they have kept the original windows & wood flooring and that made me quite happy. i am all for preserving things and keeping them useful! some interesting mod furniture too...

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