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any specific subdivisions?

I was specifically interested in Riverside Terrace, but I'm also interested in any of the others bounded by 288 to the West and I-45 to the East. My in-laws are talking about moving to Houston from California, so if my wife and I are staying here, I'd like to stay inside the loop.

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What is generally considered Riverside Terrace is actually several different subdivisions. Washington Terrace is to the north, from Alabama to I think Blodgett, where it changes to Riverside Terrace. to the east across the swath that used to be a railroad track is an area called Southwood. Timbercrest is in there also and has entrance gates at all of it's boundaries. There are several other little enclaves, Tierwester Oaks, Feldman Court, North Macgregor Oaks, and the area east of Cullen with street names like Varsity, Faculty, etc., is University Oaks.

When perusing HAR.com it is easier to use the 77004 zip code. The areas south of the Bayou are another zip code but I can't remember it right now.

You may want to consider some areas across 45 also, such as Eastwood & Idylwood.

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