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University of Houston Football Stadium

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New Big XII:  Enrollments and Football Stadium Capacities

                                   Enrollment        Capacity

BYU:                            33,633             63,470

Iowa State:                  36,350             61,500

Texas Tech:                 36,551             60,454

West Virginia:             24,488             60,000

Oklahoma State:         25,622             55,509

Kansas:                        27,565             50,250

Kansas State:              23,779             50,000

UCF:                            68,571             48,000

Baylor:                         18,033             45,140

TCU:                            10,394             45,000

Houston:                     47,090             40,000 +SRO

Cincinnati:                   45,949             40,000

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the UH/TT game this year sold over 40k tickets.

that chart shows that they will have the smallest capacity in the big 12.

if this game occurs in more 'normal times' (aka not a pandemic) and is a 'game that matters' (aka conference game), tickets are going to be hard to get even in NRG where the capacity is over 70k, and then add to it when they are back in the top 25, or if their opponent is in the top 25?

as an example, in 2015 and 2016 it was as near an impossible ticket as you could get for sports tickets in Houston.

they don't have to expand, but I think if they don't expand they better have a really good relationship with NRG to ensure that when there are important home games for UH that the Texans are on the road that weekend.

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