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Old House


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Is that at the northeast corner of Bagby and Rosalie? HCAD lists the construction date as 1905 (for what that's worth - HCAD is notoriously inaccurate with construction dates.) Also notes that it was remodeled in 1998.

The taxable value jumped from $225k in 2009 to $452k in 2010, based solely on improvements. Yikes!

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There is an old house on the corner of Bagby and Elgin, it was built in 1905 The addresse is 3015 Bagby, I think they are going to demolish this house. Does any one know the history of this house?

Looking at old Sanborn Fire Insurance maps tells me that whenever that house was built, it was not original to that lot, but was moved onto that lot sometime after the 1920s. The old maps of that property show a one story house on that lot prior to that time.

The city directories lead me to believe the original house on that lot may have been the parsonage for the First Unitarian Church.

I also checked historicaerials.com. It appears that was an empty lot for many years up to at least 1981 prior to that house being moved onto the lot some time after that.

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There was a house on Westheimer which was moved by preservationists around the corner to Bagby several years ago. I think it was next door to the only existing house in the 100 block of Westheimer - (116 Westheimer), the white one that's been vacant for so long.

This might explain the notation about remodeling on the HCAD record for the Bagby address.

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