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San Felipe And Briargrove Area?


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I lived in 77057 for over five years.

I think of it as a very safe area.

The only crime will be in or near the apartments,clubs, and bars near Westheimer and Richmond.

I used to live on Winrock behind the strip clubs. I only witnessed or knew of some petty thievery and a few drunken fights that only took place near these bars and apartments.

The apartments in the San Felipe area of the zip are pricey enough to keep out most of the bad elements.

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The area just to the west of Briargrove, across the drainage ditch was the Bob Smith Little League playing fields. There were several diamonds with bleachers close to Westheimer. As you went back, closer to San Felipe (which didn't go through at the time), there were large mounds of earth, probably left from deepening flood control ditches in the area. We would ride our bikes on these "hills" and made several mountain trails back there. Eventually development occured, and apartments filled in the property from Westheimer to Woodway. I remember a big fire in later years destroyed several of these buildings, but that's different story.

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