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Cat5e and Phone Install

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I'm sure you have figured out a course of action 10 months later, but if it were me I would just do it myself, cause it's easy.

If the Cat5e can be easily pulled I'd replace it with Cat6, go to Home Depot, buy a pair of RJ45 crimpers, the plates and read a few how-to websites on the wire color coding and it's a done deal.

A whole house wired network is a piece of cake, and the phone system, if it's a pretty modern distribution box can be easy too.

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I agree it's super easy to do it yourself, practice once on a length of extra cable so you feel comfortable doing it, then do it.

It may start as a 15 minute per drop job, but it will drop to nothing in no time.

As an aside to the subject, in 20 years are people going to look on wired houses as quaint with better and better wireless solutions?

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I think that wiring a house is still probably a better option.

For one thing, its a bit more secure, and it is currently still faster than wireless.

My main TV is hooked up to netflix via a network cable and get HD quality visuals and better performance overall. The kids upstairs still get a good vid as they would if they were wired.

As far as the internet goes, even if you secure your wireless with crazy passwords, you're bound to get that one neighbor that wants to break onto node.

Of course, there is the joy in hearing a collective groan coming from upstairs when I shut off the wireless when the chores haven't been done yet.

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I am wondering why you would wire a house now. I can see bringing wire into the house, but once inside, it seems a wireless router is not only cheaper and more efficient, but less of an annoyance, since there is no need to plug in when the laptop is moved to another room.

Still some things that don't have wireless yet is the only reason I can see....

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They have adapters that let you run network signals through power outlets. Do that.

Yes and they work quite well, I use one of these on my Denon 3312cl. Having only an ethernet port on that a/v receiver, this was an ideal way to make it so I could use my iphone and the remote app and airplay as well. Just make sure you plug them directly into the wall outlet, NO surge strips. Got mine at Microcenter for about $70.

As for wired vs wireless... wired is always better as far as security, privacy, speed, and reliability, but wireless is not far behind with a good router, recent firmware updates, a strong network password, and setting it to a channel that isn't overloaded with other frequencies...we all can't use 6 or 11 now :P . Wireless wins in convienience always, and only if you're that paranoid should it bother you that others can see your network name... just don't give it the same name as you.

What i would do in a house with accessible attic space and the know-how, is to run a wired LAN connection to every permanently placed device... Office desktop, printer, ps3 or other game console, audio receiver, tv, and go wireless for the portable devices, ie laptop, ipone, ipad and their respective equivilents.

Wired may be gone someday, but for now it still has its advantages. Do what works best for you.

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I run a wireless network... watch HD internet on my TV, have multiple HD webcams for security, a server, and a lot of other devices. I use a ton of bandwidth, but never run into any problems.

Devices now-a-days are pretty much wireless. Unless you plan on running a server farm at your house, I don't really see how the advantages of a wired house outweigh the hassle of installing a wired solution.

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