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METRO Park & Ride- Maxey Road


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Two burglary suspects were arrested today, caught red-handed breaking into two vehicles at METRO’s Maxey Rd Park & Ride lot.

An MPD officer monitoring the security cameras at the lot noticed the suspicious activity this morning and alerted MPD and HPD.

An undercover HPD officer arrived at the scene as the two suspected vandals – one male, one female – were leaving one of the vehicles they attempted to hot wire.

Investigators say the suspects broke into a red truck and a white truck by smashing a window in each vehicle. Police say nothing was taken from the vehicles as the two were reportedly trying to steal the trucks.

According to investigators, the pair admitted to the break-ins and each is now facing two counts of burglary of a motor vehicle.

Police believe they will be able to clear other Park & Ride vehicle burglary incidents, as well as cases in other jurisdictions with the arrest of these two suspects.

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Another arrest. This time with picture.




Another burglary suspect is behind bars after being caught in the act by METRO security cameras at the Maxey Road Park & Ride lot late this morning.

Investigators say an MPD officer spotted the female suspect on the security camera walking through the lot, pulling on door handles. She reportedly found a vehicle that was unlocked and was able get inside. Police say she then attempted to break into eight other vehicles.

The suspect will be charged with burglary of a motor vehicle. Police will determine what was stolen upon talking to the burglary victim.

METRO’s security cameras helped lead to the arrest of two other suspects yesterday morning at the same Park & Ride lot.

MPD wants to remind Park & Ride customers to lock their vehicles, and take valuables, such as cell phones, purses, and electronic devices, from their vehicles before boarding the bus. If not, store them out of sight.

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