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Mod at the movies


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I recently watched a couple movies with some midcentury houses - what other movies have some? I know the Brady Bunch movie house is one and I'll post some pictures of that soon..

Back to the Future

The sign for the new Lyon Estates subdivision with the McFly's house on it (~1955):


The house in 1985:




and the art deco high school:


then this really awful one called Another Gay Movie that I don't recommend watching but the characters lived in some neat Eichler-y houses:





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I'm pretty sure "Why Do Fools Fall In Love?" the story of Freddy Lyman features The Stahl House. I think it's Halle Berry. She comes home to find the house trashed. I was more heart-broken for the house.

Also, the best part of "A Star Is Born" starring Judy Garland is when she's in her mod mansion.

I bet there's a whole slew of threads on Lotta Living devoted to this.

What gets me is how in advertisements there are so many moderns, yet in Houston there's not enough respect paid to these great houses.

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Torch Song (1953) with Joan Crawford has some great mod interiors. There is one scene in her apartment where she's having a cocktail party. It shows several rooms in the apartment and all are over the top mod....pull down lamps, wall hangings, cool furniture, clothing. There's even a smart jazz ensemble playing mod tunes at the party.

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"Cameron, you killed the car". Cameron's house from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.


One of the architects that designed this house, David Haid, worked in Houston for Hugo V. Neuhaus, Jr. for a few years.

Most of The Incredibles:


Brewster McCloud showed the Astrodome.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis house in L.A. was in Bladerunner, The Rocketeer, Grand Canyon, The Thirteenth Floor, and many others.

A list of John Lautner's buildings featured in movies:


Just about any movie set in Las Vegas.

Pulp Fiction (specifically when Travolta and Jackson are in the coffee shop).

No Country for Old Men (at the end in 'El Paso').

The coffee shop in American Graffiti.

And finally for the evening, Eugene Werlin's Fondren house in River Oak's Tall Timbers section was used in "The Thief Who Came To Dinner"

Chronicle article:


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Pineapple Express- the house where Gary Coles character lives is amazing.

Mullholland Drive- the house in the scene where Billy Ray Cyrus beats the crap out of Justin Theroux. Funny stuff.

Bottlerocket- Bobs house in Dallas- I think it is my favorite MCM movie house.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind- the house Drew Barrymore and Sam Rockwell buy together. The whole movie is very mod and hip.

Crybaby- Traci Lords house when she is running away from home- the whole neighborhood looks amazing.

Virgin Suicides- the Lisbon house

I hate to admit this one, but the Cullens house in Twilight is pretty rad as well.

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